Tiffani Jones Brown is a Lionhearted Listener

Tiffani is a 39-year-old writer, editor, mom, and Queen of All Word Things at a Silicon Valley tech company. She likes most people, and tries to find the best in them— or at least understand where they’re coming from — even when she disagrees.

In her own words…

My family or origin is sort of “Southern gothic.” Appalachian coal miner types and factory workers on one side, Marines and Southern belle-ish types on the other.

Tiffani and her Nanny
Tiffani and her daughter

Headline History

The titles for the VOICES Series come from Exercise #2 in the Permission to Speak Workbook. The exercise, “You have more power than you know,” encourages participants to choose a title from a list that is offered, or — if none of those titles feels right — to make up one of their own.

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