Brittani West is a World Class Risk Taker

Brittani is a 34-year-old creator, perfectionist, and avid gamer. She lives in Oakland, California, and wants to find a way to ensure that everyone is given the same opportunities to succeed, no matter who they are or where they are from.

In her own words:

Being Black and growing up with a very diverse group of friends made me care very deeply about seeing proper representation in the creative industry, and making sure everyone was given an equal chance to succeed.

Brittani’s charcoal drawing
Brittani’s gaming station

Headline History

The titles for the VOICES Series come from Exercise #2 in the Permission to Speak Workbook. The exercise, “You have more power than you know,” encourages participants to choose a title from a list that is offered, or — if none of those titles feels right — to make up one of their own.

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