Ruth T. is a Queen of Hearts

Ruth is a 71-year-old retired nurse technician from western Michigan. She wants to use her God-given voice to make a difference, and chose her title — Queen of Hearts — because she felt it signified compassion.

In her own words…

I grew up in western Michigan — number four of eight siblings — four boys and four girls. I had devoutly conservative Christian parents: homebodies who raised us as well as they could with the knowledge and experience they had. But they didn’t seem to recognize us as individuals; rather, they more or less expected us all to fit into the same cookie-cutter mold.

Ruth (in blue) and her three sisters
Hiking in Death Valley, CA

Headline History

The titles for the VOICES Series come from Exercise #2 in the Permission to Speak Workbook. The exercise, “You have more power than you know,” encourages participants to choose a title from a list that is offered, or — if none of those titles feels right — to make up one of their own.

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