Elizabeth Schroeder is a Swashbuckling Peacemaker

Elizabeth is a 52 year-old nurse who loves to sing, bake bread, and share the peace wherever she goes. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her wife, Maria.

In her own words:

It’s hard for me to pinpoint the exact time I knew I was a feminist. I grew into it gradually. For a long time, I was part of a pretty misogynistic church, but it also celebrated the holistic nature of human beings. So it was kind of in a roundabout way that I became a feminist.

Maria & Elizabeth
Elizabeth & Maria, singing in church

Headline History

The titles for the VOICES Series come from Exercise #2 in the Permission to Speak Workbook. The exercise, “You have more power than you know,” encourages participants to choose a title from a list that is offered, or — if none of those titles feels right — to make up one of their own.

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