• Divya Mangadu

    Divya Mangadu

    Lover of the weird and the wonderful✨ Experience Designer. Photographer. Foodie. Spoonie Advocate.

  • Kathy


    Product Designer @ IBM

  • Anna Pankin

    Anna Pankin

    UX Researcher 🕵🏻‍♀️ Porto-based nomad.

  • Warren Patterson

    Warren Patterson

    Weight Loss & Nutrition Coach. Fitness junkie. Dark chocolate addict. Top Writer in Travel. Owner of the Travel pub "Globetrotters"

  • Ali Hall

    Ali Hall

    Hi! I'm Ali, a Product Designer at @Facebook, formerly @Evernote. I love tech, floral design, fashion, food, and travel.

  • Messieurs.ch


    Agence de création de contenu digital spécialisée en vidéo.

  • Natalie Patrice Tucker

    Natalie Patrice Tucker

    Accessibility Evangelist

  • Adriana Vazquez

    Adriana Vazquez

    Writer, reader, music enthusiast

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