A Reflection on Imperfection

From a distance, the picture is perfection. The afternoon sun glinting just so off the candy-colored buildings. The charm of the laundry swinging from a double-decker line. The curve of the bell tower, the stretch of the shadows, they all promise magic just around the bend.

When beauty fades, make friends with snakes

I never believed I was beautiful until it was over. Until I had gained 15 pounds, or 12 gray hairs, or 4 fine new lines at the crinkles of my eyes.

I never believed until I looked back from a different decade and saw the woman who had once stared…


In this space for the past month — Women’s History Month — you met 15 women from across the U.S. and around the world. You heard the voices of artists and writers and students and nurses and designers. …

LaDonna Witmer

Reader. Writer. Hangnail biter. @wordsbyladonna

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